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       Qingjian Group Co.,Ltd started its real estate industry since 1983, which is the Top500 enterprises of real estate development in China, the Top 10 enterprises of real estate development in Qingdao and the AAA grade credit enterprise. Qingjian Real Estate, as the brand of real estate development industry of Qingjian Group Co.,Lt,d the annual output has exceeded more than one million square meters, which contains all kinds of buildings such as large residential communities, office buildings, commercial and residential building, villas and apartments etc.After years of development, Qingjian Real Estate has established its layout in china as "Qingdao— Shandong—China". With more than 20 branch companies all around the country, its business has covered Qingdao, Weifang, Jinan, Beijing, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. In 2008, Qingjian Real Estate entered into Singapore market and became a one of few international real estate companies of China. In 2009, it became the first Chinese company which successfully bid for private HDB project in Singapore. In 2010, it also became the first Chinese real estate company which successfully bid for the senior private apartment projects in Singapore.Qingjian Real Estate, the company that adheres to the mission of "build delicate arts, create harmonious space", devotes to building "the house in the forest" and contributing the high quality of real estate to the society. Up to date, it already built the Fushan Hou New District Community, Cuobu Ling District, Qingjian? Olive City, Qingjian? Shangdong District, Qingjian? JingYuan etc. During years of development, Qingjian Real Estate was awarded "Famous Real Estate Project in China “and “Real Estate of Creative Design Innovation in China" etc. by its excellent building quality, and was signed by Construction Ministry for "gold medal construction pilot project" and “national housing demonstration project".
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